Biella Centro (BI)

Manor flat

On the third floor of an old mansion dating back to the first half of the 60s, in the centre of Biella, the flat covers 180 square metres, opened and overlooking on three sides, but mainly featuring a space arrangement no longer suitable to the present owners modern life requirements. The project aimed at entirely functionally rearranging the entire flat, which was entirely demolished and rebuilt from the wall and installation view point as well. The classic space distribution dating back to the 60s including a long corridor leading to the different rooms was replaced by a modern living space distribution: a wide living and kitchen, together with an office and the bathroom next to the living area, and two bedrooms and a dedicated bathroom for the night area. Interior and lighting design forecast as well, up to the study of the furnishing colours, furnishing units and accessories as to offer a turnkey solution. The furnishing units were customised, perfectly matched with the entire space, making the room more formally balanced in space, while at the same time profiting from the available room at best.
Studio ElisaBragArchitects entirely dealt with the architectural and interior design, wall and installation direction activities, building yard safety and furnishing as well.