Flagship store project, Beko Italia

Appointed by Beko Italia to design the new Beko showroom and multifunctional flagship store next to the Milan headquarters, the project was developed in co-operation with the Turkish company headquarters.
Designed around different topics, fire (warm and caressing), water (fluid and dynamic), ice (transparent and structural) and eco-green values, which the company pays a due attention to, the project enhances and celebrates products as real protagonists of space. Shapes, colours, materials and lights are mixed as to define a complex project in different functional areas: a kitchen area for the show cooking in warm colours. an area consecrated to washing in blues, an area for the refrigerators, in steel and snow white, and one for the hero products (image), more dynamic and institutional. And finally an eco green area, with high energy products, a bureau with desk and reception as well and a relax and multimedia area, where informally welcoming customers, helping them to feel at home. A complex exhibition, but dynamic, versatile and multitasking as well, with the product playing the lord and master with all its variables, shapes and functions, perfectly supplemented by the brand image objectives and consistently answering to the many customer requirements.
The studio ElisaBragArchitects, in co-operation with GlocalDesign di Biella designed the concept and the space arrangement.