Attic apartment

The project aimed at widening and functionally refurbishing the available space and rooms inside an attic apartment, in an independent building dating back to the 80s. With different seats and wardrobes, functional but visually striking as well, it was possible to comply with different requirements: concealing the central snail stairs, with an access to the attic floor, duly separated from the underneath floor, making it an independent flat on the upper floor and the division between the living and the bedroom, making the flat far more modern.
Finally a new double bedroom was designed, with a dedicated bathroom, including a relax area, intimate and personal as well, to be only used by the flat owners. In line with the attic atmosphere, oak, travertine and micro-concrete, through the natural Velux lighting, furnish a warm and welcoming ambience, where intimacy stands out. The interior design aims at allowing freely living the house, surrounded by warm colours, wood and travertine, guardians of the present affections and sensations.
Studio ElisaBragArchitects was entirely liable for design, building wall and installation activity direction, yard safety and interior finishing as well.