Valdengo (Biella)

Medieval castle

The Medieval castle in Valdengo, dating back to the XII century, was consistently renewed in time, with Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassic and modern influences. All the different harmonized styles and interventions by men in time made it a unique prestigious building, protected by the Italian Minister of Cultural heritage, by the Italian Monument and Fine Arts office and by the Region. The refurbishing, rather complex from a cultural view point as not to change the existing architectural framework, forecast the entire renovation of the castle roofing, complying with new functional requirements, materials and updated solutions, in compliance with a rigorous and consistent respect of the historical identity of the entire building and the conservation of the original visual impact of the entire complex. It was decided to select consistent coverings, and during the building activity direction and yard safety, the project was made compliant with the place complex morphology, keeping in mind that the building is daily profited from by different families living there.
Studio ElisaBragArchitects was entirely liable for the design and building activities up to the yard safety as well.